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Headway Jersey provides essential support, information, and services to people in Jersey who are affected by brain injury. As the charity has grown and awareness of the work we do for those who are affected by brain injuries increases, we are contacted regularly for information and advice.

From very small beginnings in 1997 the charity has grown dramatically. The Headway centre is now seeing an increase in the number of referrals. We currently have over 150 survivors of brain injury registered with us as members. Some require occasional support, however, up to 70 members access our services on a weekly basis. These services are an essential lifeline for our members and also provide support and respite to families and carers who need it most.


t: 01534 505937


What the Love Hearts appeal funds


The Love Hearts appeal funds groundbreaking research that could help save the lives of children undergoing heart transplants.


Thanks to the commitment of all those who have supported the Love Hearts Appeal, we have already successfully funded:


A new cubicle in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

A pioneering research project looking at how the use of a child’s own immune cells may help reduce the future need for so many anti-rejection drugs after transplant.


Our next focus:

We are now raising money to fund the necessary paediatric adaptations to the Royal Papworth Hospital designed system (mOrgan), which will allow the donated heart to be  warmed with oxygenated blood at the usual body temperature and given all the nutrients required to keep it as healthy as possible.


This ‘mini – intensive care ‘ system allows the donated heart to be restarted after having been removed from the donor, and kept in a safe, controlled environment, properly inspected until the child is ready to receive the gifted heart.


It is envisaged that such a system will help prevent ‘losing’ many of the hearts that are never used , but which could have been, had the donated heart been given the best care after the donation has been agreed.



Since 1961 the Jersey Association for Youth and Friendship ( JAYF ) has provided safe and homely accommodation to young people aged between 18 and 25 years who would otherwise be homeless through no fault of their own.


JAYF aims to provide a degree of stability and security as a stepping stone to finding full-time employment and finding more permanent accommodation.


The charity currently runs four hostels, which can accommodate up to 29 residents in mainly self-contained units with access to cooking, laundry and communal facilities. Residents receive support from designated 'houseparents' and an experienced Liaison Officer, who provides guidance and encouragement as they embark upon their chosen paths, whether in education, training or employment.


The demand for accommodation is currently at its highest ever due to the impact of COVID on young people including loss of employment and family breakdown.


Fund raising activities include the popular Open Gardens where volunteers are always welcome. If you can help please contact us.



t:  07797 716575


Pain Support Jersey helps people who suffer from persistent pain and runs gentle exercise and mindfulness sessions, educational talks, social events and walks.


Who can benefit?  

Anyone who has persistent pain which is defined as pain which has lasted for more than three months. It may stem from arthritis, surgery, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and various other causes. Many members have been to the Pain Management Centre at Overdale but this is not essential. People can just turn up at any of our sessions.


How can people benefit?

The charity organises indoor and outdoor gentle exercise classes, social events, mindfulness sessions, walks, educational talks and hydrotherapy.


Exercise is so important for people in pain but is often the last thing they want to do because they are scared and believe it will increase their pain. But the right type of exercises can help significantly and the group offers suitable sessions run by pain specialist physiotherapists from the Pain Management Centre.


The social aspects of meetings are also really important. Members appreciate the company of other people who understand just what they are going through and value the chance to speak to each other and the team. Pain can make people isolated and the group offers opportunities to meet people and forge new friendships. Most importantly, meetings are positive and uplifting.



t:  07797 952165


The Shelter Trust was formed to provide services for homeless people in Jersey. The trust is a charity offering shelter, support and a way forward for homeless people.


At present we offer accommodation for over 100 homeless people from four sites around St Helier and St Saviour. We also provide an outreach service, offering food, hot drinks and support for 'rough sleepers'. The outreach service is provided in partnership with Jersey Homeless Outreach Group (JHOG).


At the other end of the spectrum of homelessness, we also provide an aftercare and resettlement service for those of our residents and clients who have moved on to independent living.


An additional facility, the Drunk and Incapable Unit, provides a place of safety for up to four people as an alternative to the penal system.

To contact our Trust projects via telephone, please call:


Aztec House, emergency accommodation shelter 01534 730235


Evans House, 01534 484631


Strathmore, 16-25 01534 726892


Midvale Road 01534 739579


t: 01534 608948

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The JSPCA Animals’ Shelter provides a large range of services in the field of animal care and welfare, offering help and advice to all members of the public in its mission to prevent cruelty, promote knowledge and provide for the aged, sick, lost and unwanted animals of Jersey.

The JSPCA services include :

  • A 24-Hour ambulance service, 7 days a week and 365 days a year

  • A lost and found service, collecting and caring for stray animals and then looking to reunite with owners or rehome

  • Boarding for cats and ‘emergency boarding’ for any domestic animals

  • A re-homing service to help find companion animals new and loving homes

  • Animal crematorium and cemetery

  • Rescue, rehabilitation and release of any injured wildlife

  • Educational visits

  • Presentations / ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions


Do you know of an animal in need of emergency care?

You can call the JSPCA Animals’ Shelter team for help and advice 


t:  01534 724331
(Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm) 

m: 07797 720331
Animal ambulance out of hours
(including evenings, Sundays and bank holidays)


Brightly (formerly known as Brig-y-Don Children’s Charity) is a longstanding, small, independent Jersey charity that awards grants to children and young people from birth to 25 years who are either in the care of or are leaving the care of the Government of Jersey, as well as others who are suffering adversity and are in need.

Many care-experienced children and young people have poor self-esteem and significantly, less developed social skills then their counterparts in the wider population, as well as education and knowledge gaps, due to disrupted young lives and multiple placement moves. We seek to provide them with the kind of opportunities and support their peers, living in a stable family environment, may well take for granted, things like a place at a nursery school, some new clothes, help with setting up their first home, driving lessons, dentist, doctors, laptops, graduation grants etc.

The charity does not support applications for goods or services that are included in grants or benefits from the Government of Jersey.

Our support makes a real difference to the life experiences of children and young people who are in need. There are also less obvious but equally important benefits that result from our work, such as greater social inclusion, financial independence, personal growth and development and less reliance on benefit systems.

All money raised by Brightly either stays in Jersey for the benefit of Island residents or can be applied in cases where local children and young people have to be cared for off-island.


t: 07797 856127


Jersey Trees for Life is the only charity entirely devoted to protecting the Island's trees and woodlands. Their work includes woodland restoration and the planting of many thousands of trees each year in woods, copses and hedgerows. Trees for Life have created several new community woodlands and often work closely with other conservation groups to aid the survival of threatened local species. Whilst also continuing to campaign and lobby for preservation orders on trees in peril and running a busy community environmental education programme. Trees for Life rely on membership/sponsorship and donations for funding, campaign support and practical help.


Jersey Trees for Life rely on volunteers to plant trees, cut back summer vegetation, and establish new habitats for wildlife. Volunteers are often also needed to man exhibits at local events and help with fundraising activities. The team would also be grateful for volunteers who could help with membership administration and the website.


t:  01534 857611 


To provide support for survivors of rape and sexual assault in Jersey and their families by, amongst other things, establishing and maintaining a supporting framework that includes a dedicated helpline, website and trained counsellors. To educate the general public on the facts and myths surrounding rape and the extreme trauma suffered by survivors of rape and sexual abuse. This will include being aware of and advising others of the latest thinking, research and treatments available to a survivor and their confidants

Councelling Support


At JAAR they provide specialist counselling to support men and women and their families and friends deal with the trauma of rape, sexual assault, and childhood sexual abuse.


All their Counsellors have professional counselling qualifications plus have also completed specialist training in counselling survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

JAAR’s Counsellors are deeply committed to the recovery of survivors of sexual violence.

For those requiring support:


Their helpline is open most hours of the day and night. Everything you tell us is completely confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone outside of JAAR, we are however not an emergency service. The helpline is manned by trained volunteers.



t:  01534 482800


YouMatter works with young people to build their self-esteem and help them to develop an understanding of their true value and worth. They run workshops with thousands of young people in Jersey every year to inspire them to make healthy and positive choices about their lives and relationships. In addition they also provide sessions for parents and training for professionals.


YouMatter have 9 key areas of work:


Self-Esteem and Confidence

Positive Relationships

Decision-making Around Sex

Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV and AIDS

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) Prevention

Sexting and Staying Safe Online

The Impact and Effects of Pornography

Alcohol, Drugs Misuse and Staying Safe

Supporting Positive Parenting


When Covid-19 regulations are lifted they also offer one-to-one and small-group work for young people identified as needing some additional support with any of the issues covered by the key areas of work.


t:  07797 969886


Aureole Music was set up in March 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdowns to raise money for local charities working with the vulnerable and the isolated in our community on Jersey. We chose to do this by bringing together singers across the island to form the Aureole Choir, a ‘virtual’ online community choir, made up of singers from all over the island.  We made videos and music tracks together through the pandemic.  As the pandemic eased, we began to meet in-person and to provide a new service to our audiences.


About the choir


We are now a choir with a difference.  We do not meet regularly to rehearse, but instead, as well as our choral performances and videos, we now field teams of volunteers to go and sing to the residents of Jersey's care homes in our 'Monday Melodies' programme.  We also provide a Parkinson's Choir in collaboration with Parkinson's UK Jersey Branch, helping people with this degenerative neurological condition sing together to keep their voices 'stronger for longer'. 


t:  07976 264089

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ArtHouse Jersey supports artists from Jersey and across the world to create ambitious work that has a positive impact on our Island community and international audiences.


They produce large-scale exhibitions, theatre pieces, concerts and community-focused workshops and projects.



ArtHouse are here to enable artists who have ambition and talent to create inspiring, high-quality work that can change lives. They provide Jersey-based artists with financial support and offer free advice and artist-led development opportunities, ranging from facilitated workshops and projects, guided residencies, and industry networking, to drop-in sessions with our team. They are there to nurture and provide a helping hand at critical moments in an artist’s journey, from young people choosing to pursue a career in the arts, to established professionals. They also provide international artists with residency opportunities to encourage the creation of new work.



The ability of the arts to deliver transformational change drives our work and focus on community outreach. Each of these values is linked to the others and together they guide and influence decisions at every level - upholding them is obligatory for everyone working with ArtHouse Jersey.


t:   01534 617521